How to Install Tesseract on Mac OS

How to Install Tesseract on Mac OS

Installing Tesseract on a Mac is straightforward, especially if you're comfortable using the Terminal.

Option 1: Using Homebrew (Recommended)

If you don't have Homebrew installed on your Mac, it's a powerful package manager that simplifies the installation of software on macOS. To install Homebrew, follow these steps.

To install Tesseract run:

brew install tesseract

This command installs Tesseract along with all the necessary dependencies. If you need language packs other than English, you can install them as follows:

brew install tesseract-lang

Option 2: Using MacPorts

If you prefer using MacPorts, you can install Tesseract with the following command:

sudo port install tesseract

And for language packs:

sudo port install tesseract-<langcode>

Replace <langcode> with the language code you need (e.g., tesseract-eng for English).

Post-Installation Steps

After installation, you can test Tesseract to ensure it's working correctly:

tesseract --version

Using Tesseract

To use Tesseract follow this guide.